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Issue No. 18

10 August 2001
Published by Frances Ann McKenzie, Copyright (c) 2001, all rights reserved.
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Meet the Publisher at the NQA Conference

NQA Annual Conference 4-8 October 2001 Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Meet the Publisher at the NQA Conference

The publisher of Qigong News, Frances McKenzie, will lead a workshop, Homestyle Qigong, during the National Qigong Association Conference at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Homestyle Qigong
Saturday Oct. 7, 4:45 - 6:15 pm
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY
Register: 800-944-1001

NQA Conference Info: http://nqa.org/events/2001Conference.html

Qigong practice is fun! Join us and learn very simple, very easy, yet very powerful techniques to enhance your physical and mental health. Qigong, literally energy work, forms the foundation of traditional Oriental healing arts. Workshop includes: three keys to success and important safety tips, sitting, standing and walking meditation, and free-form dancing qigong.

Frances McKenzie has practiced taijiquan, qigong and energy healing since 1991. Her studies include qi healing/medical qigong, pranic healing and esoteric healing. Frances is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute in New York City where she is currently completing her teacher's training. Her e-mail newsletter, Qigong News, is available online at qigongnews.com. Frances currently serves as a member of the NQA Board of Directors.

NQA Annual Conference 4-8 October 2001 Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association * USA
P.O. Box 540
Ely, MN 55731 (USA)
Phone: (218) 365-6330
Fax: (218) 365-6933

The organization promoting Qigong for beginners, practitioners, teachers, and healers of all classical and contemporary schools and traditions.

2001 National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association Conference
Moving into Wholeness: The Transformational Power of Qigong
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
October 4-8, 2001

Chi Lovers Unite! If you're interested in Chi Kung or Tai Chi, then our annual conference will be a little slice of heaven for you! Dozens of Qigong and Tai Chi seminars for beginners to professional practitioners at a beautiful rural retreat center in Dutchess County, New York. Hundreds of Qi enthusiasts will join leading Qigong teachers, healers and students to discover, inspire and share their talents at the biggest Qi filled event of the year.

Please register early since lodging at Omega is limited and filling up fast. For details about a special registration package offer from Omega or for more information about specific workshops, call Rebecca Kali at 218-365-6330 or email info@nqa.org. To register for the conference, call the Omega Institute: 800-944-1001.

Conference Fees:
Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday: $285 (Lodging and meals additional)
All day workshops Thursday, Friday and Monday: $100 per day

Conference Highlights:

* Dozens of Qigong and Tai Chi Seminars from beginning to professional practitioners
* Professional forums and panel discussions
* Beautiful rural retreat center in upstate New York
* Pre- and post-conference workshops on October 4, 5, and 8
* Recent scientific medical research on Qigong
* CEU credits available
* David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir on Saturday night

Video taping in the workshops is not permitted. However, many presenters have tapes available for sale.

Workshop Key: Suggested levels of experience
A: All levels
B: Basics for beginners
C: Some experience with Qigong or Tai Chi
D: Advanced instruction and technique
E: Medical Qigong healing Chi Kung

*** Conference Schedule***

Thursday October 4: All Day Workshops
Friday October 5: All Day Workshops

Conference Schedule
Friday Evening October 5
Saturday October 6
Sunday October 7

Monday October 8: All Day Workshops

Thursday October 4: All Day Workshops
9:00am to 5:00pm

Channel Energy From the Universe, Jianye Jiang
Combines the most common Yang and Wu Style postures for easy learning. This short, introductory form is ideal for seniors as well as beginners. You can do the complete form anytime, anywhere, even in a small space and reap the benefits of a healthy body, a relaxed mind and a calm spirit. Levels: B, C

Embodying Nature: Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, Wasentha Young
Balance and harmony is the movement dance of Nature; and human and Nature are one and the same. Nature is the eclectic relationship of animals, plants, earth, air and water. All of these parts are interwoven into a fabric of universal life. T'ai Chi Ch'uan, often characterized as the "dance of the universe in miniature," and Chi Kung, in this case as a type of Chinese Yoga are two Chinese systems of exercise that focus on bringing human life form into harmony with Nature. Through these art forms, beginners and those with years of experience, will explore their integral relationship with Nature; rooting, bending and stretching using their examples of Nature to experience the nature of being; revitalizing with breathing in the fresh air; and mindful walking and meditating to "clear" our minds. At the end of the workshop we will have united with the thread of vitality that flows through all life. Levels: B, C, D

Moving Effortlessly: Feldenkrais and Chi Kung, Joyce Gayheart
Feldenkrais - Awareness through Movement sequences are a fast and easy way to increase the pleasure and benefits of chi kung. With Feldenkrais state-of-the art learning methods, we can easily learn any chi kung form and quickly experience a powerful chi flow. As we are lying on the ground for many of the movements, we can let go of the excess effort we use to hold ourselves upright. We play with variations on chi kung movements while lying down. When we stand up, we find we are more deeply grounded and much more light and buoyant. As we move into chi kung we find that our movements flow effortlessly, and gracefully. Levels: B, C, D

Qigong for Body Workers (and Everyone!), David Parker
This workshop will give you a diverse and coherent set of tools to develop, circulate, and feel qi; building a foundation for practicing energetic bodywork. Though of special interest to hands-on therapists, this material is terrific for anyone interested in an overview of some of the basics of Qigong practice. Included are the fundamentals of posture, stance and breath - the basis of any practice. Self-strengthening/healing and developing sensitivity qigong exercises from Yin-style Bagua build your energy, while pulling and reeling silk drills from the internal martial arts develop your body's muscles, tendons and fascia. Partnered "listening to qi" exercises will give you a framework to feel, understand and interact with a client or friend's qi fields. Emphasis will be on learning and practicing the exercises, with a balance of movement oriented and stillness/meditative Qigong. Levels: C, D, E

Qigong and Cancer, Karen Nesbitt
An overview of "self-controlled Qigong therapy" and its use in treating chronic illnesses, specifically cancer. Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this type of Qigong therapy has been used as a complementary approach in China, both in hospital settings and in the forming of "social oncology" groups throughout the country. Self-controlled Qigong therapy, also known as Beginning New Qigong, was developed by Master Sun Kui Yuan, author of Chinese Qigong Therapy, for the purpose of treating cancerous tumors. His work is based in ancient Qigong traditions as well as the recent techniques taught by Master Guo Lin. Participants will be given a brief overview in Traditional Chinese Medicine and its relationship to Qigong as well as some hands on training in "self-controlled Qigong therapy". All Levels

Practical Taoist Philosophy and Qi Gong, Yun Xiang Tseng
Taoist Philosophy is the mother of all forms of Philosophy. Master Tseng explains and demonstrates how you can use this ancient wisdom in your everyday life. If we learn to simplify and follow the flow of life we can reduce stress, learn to cope with our problems and return to health. Yun Xian Tseng studied for ten years on Wudang Mountain in China. Levels: C, D

Wild Goose Qi Gong, Yuzhi Lu
Wild Goose Qi Gong is one of the traditional Chinese Daoist Qi Gong styles, created during the early Qing Dynasty. Its forms imitate the movements of wild geese, even the flutter of feathers in flight. This style's focus on stretching and opening the joints opens channels in the body and creates a strong bond between internal and universal energy. Levels: C, D

Friday October 5: All Day Workshops
9:00am to 5:00pm

A Feminine Approach to Chi Kung, Janette Nutis, Ph.D.
Many years of working with women, both in individual psychoanalysis and psychotherapy as well as in groups and workshops, have demonstrated that Chi Kung is an invaluable tool for healing, self-knowledge and growth. The rich experience obtained in working with feminine sexuality has resulted in a form of Chi Kung, which allows women to reconnect with their deep feminine wisdom and power, enhancing their health and sexuality through a simple daily practice. All Levels

An Integration of Self-Healing Qigong, Feng Shui and the I Ching, Mark Johnson
The first section, (Self Healing) includes deep breathing techniques and the stimulation and detoxification of every cell, meridian and major acupuncture point in your body with percussion. We then stretch and open all the joints of your body, followed by directing the 5 healing sounds and colors into all of your glands and major organs. The second section, (Feng Shui) involves completing a questionnaire to determine your energy composition and how to balance it by making adjustments to your home or office. The third section, (the I Ching) is an exploration into the fundamental principles of how and why the I Ching is able to create a meaningful response to our questions. This includes the principals of resonance , entrainment, synchronicity, yin yang theory and the five phases theory. We then learn the stick, seed and coin methods of divination. All levels

Chi Nei Tsang, Ronald Diana
Chi Nei Tsang is a Chinese Taoist system of healing massage that focuses on the navel center of the body. It is thought that the navel center is the primary area where imbalances occur that may cause negative emotions, stress, tension, congestion and ultimately illness. Using visceral manipulations and energy work CNT techniques provide a method to balance the energy and thereby improve many vital body functions. Practitioners use a variety of light or deep manipulation techniques to aid in restoring improved function within the internal organs, connective tissue, tendons, muscles, lymph, nerve and endocrine system. All levels.

Demystifying Qi: On Developing a Clear Understanding and Practice, Andrew Nugent-Head
Often called Energy in the West, Qi has many different meanings in Chinese. Through exploring what it literally means to the Chinese, its cultural usage, and the problems surrounding current English translations, Andrew Nugent-Head will create a clear understanding of what Qi is and is not. Participants will then integrate this theoretical understanding with real experiences by learning the Eight Storing Qi and Developing Sensitivity Exercises. These exercises are the foundation practices of energy-bodyworkers of the Yin Style Bagua tradition. This system trains the ability to store and move Qi within the body. In the afternoon, Mr. Nugent-Head will discuss the different stages and issues involved in affecting the Qi of other people. Finally, participants will learn partnered practices to tangibly create sensations of Qi in each other at the Baihui, Zhiyang, Mingmen and Yongquan points of the body. All Levels

Hands of the Eighteen Louhans, Gaspar Garcia, M.D.
Around the year 527 A.D. an Indian monk named Bodhidharma arrived in China to spread the teachings of the Enlightened One. It is said that for years he sat in deep contemplation facing the wall of a cave. During this period, he and his disciples suffered from bodily aches, muscle weakness and fatigue due to the rigorous spiritual training, coupled with the cold and adverse climatic conditions. To remedy this situation, Da Mo created a set of exercises that kept the body strong and flexible, calmed the mind and heightened spiritual awareness. It combined knowledge from Indian sources, observation of nature and animal behavior and his own intuitive insight born of profound personal development. It is one of the deepest and most efficient systems of Health, Fitness and Self-Development ever created. A mythical exercise called The Eighteen Hands of Luohan. Levels C, D

Primordial Qigong, Solala Towler
Wuji Qigong is a 600-year-old Taoist cosmic form, created in the Ming Dynasty by the famous Taoist sage Zhang San Feng. This circular form takes the practitioner through the four directions: east, south, west and north, while constantly maintaining the still point in the center. By working with the primal energies of the five directions the practitioner is performing an energetic ritual that works on many different levels. This elegant and magical Qigong form combines movement, breathing and visualization to produce a powerful Qi field that the practitioner can then carry forth into the rest of their life. This class will also include basic Qigong theory, Taoist cosmology, and energy meditation, and is open to beginners as well as experienced students of Qigong. All Levels

Qi Circulation in Your Taiji Practice, Richard Leirer
Regardless of the style of Taiji practiced, all players will be introduced to methods of Qi circulation in various Taiji movements. Emphasis will be placed on opening movements, peng, lui, ji, and the concepts of substantial and insubstantial while practicing the form. Levels: C, D

Wuji Qigong: Total Stress Management TM (TSM), Francesco Garri Garripoli
Experience ancient Wuji Qigong, a complete Qi cultivation system that lies at the core of the WellRing TSM certification program. It combines inner "nei" and external "wei" Qi development, utilizing the fundamentals of Qigong to promote wellness, joy and freedom. This workshop will teach a variety of effective Taoist self-healing techniques with practical, hands-on training, leaving you with tools that you'll be able to use every day. In his fun and light-hearted style, Francesco includes several Qigong self-massage techniques from the Shaolin Temple and simple yet effective Wuji Qigong exercises, which focus on the breath, synchronous movements, visualizations, and mantras to enhance Qi flow. Learn to combine tui'na "Qi massage" with other medical Qigong applications. Practical Qi balancing exercises, for yourself and your clients, include "energetic first aid" and post-treatment energy balancing techniques. Your hours in this workshop are applicable to the 40-hour WellRing Total Stress Management TM certification course. All Levels

Conference Schedule
Friday October 5: Evening Program
6:00 - 7:15 pm Dinner
7:30 Welcoming Ceremonies
7:45 Keynote Address: Qigong: The Foundation of all Chinese Healing Arts, Nan Lu, O.M.D., L.Ac.
8:30 Keynote Address: Qigong and the Evolution of the Three Human Brains, Michael Winn
9:15 Break
9:30 "Qi Village Fiesta" Reception

Saturday October 6: Morning
6:00 - 8:00 am Qigong on the Grounds (with a group or on your own)
7:00 - 8:45 am Breakfast
9:00 - 10:00 am Group Meeting: MC - Solala Towler

Saturday October 6
10:15 am - 12:15 pm Seminar Selections

Discovering Qigong, Brother Bernard Seif and Arnold Tayam

Medical Qigong in the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Hepatitis C, Olaf Dietz

Qigong: Recent Discoveries in Scientific Qigong Research, Lili Feng, M.D.

Qigong for Strengthening, Enhancing and Saving Your Energy, Nan Lu, O.M.D.

Smart Living Program: Qigong for Children, Gaspar Garcia, M.D.

Tai Chi: Simplified Short Form for Older Adults, Jim Concotelli, Ph.D.

The Twelve Guiding Energy Sitting Meditations of Yin Style Bagua, Andrew Nugent-Head

The Qigong Clinic, Michael Rinaldini

Wuji Qigong: Total Stress Management TM (TSM), Francesco Garripoli

12:30 -1:45 pm Lunch
1:15 - 2:30 pm NQA Member's Meeting
Saturday October 6
2:30 - 4:30 pm Seminar Selections

Panel Presentation: Medical Qigong/Healing Chi Kung
A. Instruction and Teaching
B. Chi Kung Healing
C. Medical Qigong
Facilitated by: Richard Leirer, Malvin Finkelstein, Jampa McKenzie Stewart, Damaris Jarboux, Frances Gander, Jim MacRitchie

Energizing and Detoxification with Qinway Qigong, Qinyin

Jade Body Qigong, Kim Ivy

Qigong and Psychotherapy, Michael Mayer, Ph.D.

Oxymoronic Qigong, Robert Wall (outdoor program rain or shine)

Silk Reeling, Jianye Jiang

Thirty-Six Movement Qigong, Aihan Kuhn

An Introduction to Thought Field Therapy, Jim Smith, Ph.D.

Saturday October 6
4:45 - 6:15 pm Seminar Selections

Panel Medical Qigong/Healing Chi Kung (continued)

Incorporating Qigong into Teaching Tai Chi - and Into Everything Else You Do, Cassia Berman

Jade Body Qigong (continued), Kim Ivy

Homestyle Qigong, Frances McKenzie

Mending the Mind, Body, Mouth Connection, Shoshanna Katzman

Qigong and Cancer, Karen Nesbitt

The Way of the Heart: Cultivating the Middle Dan Tien for Complete Self-Development, Peter and Claire Cuneen

Whole Body Breathing for Health and Self-Transformation, Dennis Lewis

Saturday October 6: Evening

6:00 - 7:15 pm Dinner
7:30 Qigong and Tai Chi Demonstrations
8:30 Evening Performance: David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir

Sunday October 7: Morning

6:00 - 8:00 am Qigong on the grounds (with a group or on your own)
7:00 - 8:30 am Breakfast
9:00 - 10:00 am Group Meeting: MC - Solala Towler

Sunday October 7
10:15 am - 12:15 pm Seminar Selections

Create a Healing Space Using Feng Shui, Mark Johnson

Discovering Qigong, Arnold Tayam and Brother Bernard Seif

Entering the Qigong State / Diving into the Tao, James MacRitchie

Longevity Breathing, Bruce Frantzis

On Earth as It is in Heaven: Harmonic Chant and the Listening for Reality, David Hykes

Spring and Autumn Fan Tai Chi, Yuzhi Lu

Terminology and Jargon in the Chinese Internal Arts, Dan Docherty

Theory and Practice of Comprehensive Qigong Anti-Cancer Therapy, Binhui He and Kevin Chen, Ph.D.

Treating Breast Disease with Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, Jerry Alan Johnson, Ph.D., O.M.D.

12:30 - 1:45 pm Lunch
Sunday October 7
2:00 - 4:00 pm Seminar Selections

Women in Qigong Panel Presentation facilitated by: Marcia Kerwit, Soshanna Katzman, Frances Gander

Manifesting the Qigong Vision, Ellie Drew

Tai Chi Breathing, Cherie Barnier

Tao, Te and Tzu Jan: Spiritual Concepts, Richard Leirer

Taoist Sexual Inner Alchemy, Michael Winn

Three Centers Qigong, Malvin Finkelstein

Yin Yang Medical Qigong, Jianye Jiang

Qigong: The Danger Signals - Qi Deviations, Jampa McKenzie Stewart

6:00 - 7:15 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Evening Program

Monday October 8: All Day Workshops
9:00am to 5:00pm

Activating the Bodie's Healing Response Through Chinese Tuina, Massage and Qigong Point Therapy, Olaf Dietz
Learn healing methods from the sacred mountains of China and Tibet. This is an effective healing art that has been kept secret for hundreds of years. This day long workshop will show how to release healing points and energetic gates through specific hand and finger manipulations. Learn healing mudras to activate vital force. This is important information for health care practitioners, massage therapists and students of medical Qigong. Levels C, D

Energizing and Detoxification with Qinway Qigong, Qinyin
(1) The "union of the human being and the universe" and the subtlety of Qigong training (2) An introduction to the process of "energy infusion and detoxification" (3) Commonly made mistakes in Qigong training and their corrections (4) Six simple yet highly effective Qinway Qigong exercises (5) A group healing session; (6) How to enhance your Qigong training level - a guide. You will feel vital Qi and relieve pain on the spot. Qinyin will also discuss various advanced topics of Qigong training. Both beginning students and seasoned practitioners of Qigong can benefit greatly from this workshop. All levels

"On Earth as It is in Heaven:" Harmonic Chant and the Listening for Reality, David Hykes
David offers elements of the work toward finding "harmonic reality," sharing the body of its principles and practices - Harmonic Chant, meditative work, listening, breath and sensory awareness exercises and movements. These practices intend to deepen awareness of the harmonic nature of reality, the blend of active vibration and silent listening out of which all that exists is created. To help us understand practically some of the harmonic laws of nature, the body, and the universe, our meeting ground will be Harmonic Chant. Harmonic work-activity and attunement - helps real harmony to develop on and between all levels. It also serves recognition and awareness of the silent ground from which all movements and forms arise. In other words, it can help us find again the ground of silent awareness and peaceful presence where both actions and reflections ring true. Levels: B, C, D

Nei Kung Chi Liao-Taoist Internal Energy Diagnosis and Healing, Medical Chi Kung/Acupuncture without Needles and Shen Nei Kung Exercises, Jeff Nagel
This workshop provides an introduction to the ancient healing arts and lays the foundation for healing ourselves and others through the ancient arts of Nei Kung Chi Liao and the Shen Chi Kung energy exercises for self cultivation, spiritual consciousness and self-realization. Together they form the basis of Grand Master Share K. Lew's healing system from the Yellow Dragon Monastery-Taoist Elixir Style in China. During a treatment the practitioner first makes a diagnosis and then balances the chi of the client's 12 organ-meridians, 8 extra meridians, 9 tan tien and 27 zones of karma as well as painful and diseased areas of the bodymind. This system is believed to be the first healing art of China originating from Fu She, the legendary founder of the Ba Gua 8,000 years ago. All Levels

Practical Qigong for Women: Daoist Exercises for Health and Spirit, Marcia Kerwit, Ph.D.
* Breast massage - combined with a meditation for our endocrine glands - activates Qi, blood, and lymph.
* Ovarian Breathing can alleviate menstrual problems and ensure a smooth transition through menopause. Ovarian Breathing uses the same pathway as the Microcosmic Orbit, but adds the gentle use of breath and muscle. As a result, long periods shorten, cramps may be history, pms symptoms dimmed down or gone altogether, hot flashes under our control. On an esoteric level, conserving our ovarian energy means maintaining a reservoir of Jing Qi, and this means that there will be a reservoir of Jing to transform into shen (spiritual) energy.
* The egg exercise uses a small jade egg as a light weight to stimulate muscle strength, promote lubrication, and increase blood and lymph circulation.
* Bone Breathing meditation guides Qi into our bones and bone marrow. We can use qi and our intention to strengthen our bones and our blood. Levels: C, D, E

Psychic - Intuitive Qigong, Gunther Weil, Ph.D.
The more familiar forms of Qigong address health, self-healing and martial arts internal strength development. This workshop introduces Intuitive Qigong - energy work on the psychic/intuitive (shen) level for cultivating greater insight, emotional intelligence and spiritual-intuitive understanding. Participants will learn to access this deeper wisdom in the context of Qigong energy grounding and balancing practices. They include Zhan Zhuang standing meditation, Microcosmic Circulation, other Qi refinement and inner alchemy practices, including the Western scientific methods of HeartMath.(r) All Levels

Qi and Gong in Tai Chi Chuan, Dan Docherty
This one day workshop will examine the uses of Qi and Gong in Tai Chi Chuan training, with particular reference to form, Tui Shou (including drills such as Seven Star Step, Nine Palace Step, Reeling Silk, etc.) San Shou ( including inner form techniques) and the Tai Chi Chuan Classics. Participants will be able to practice Tai Chi techniques from a healing and also a hurting perspective ( this will include the use of Dim Mak or pressure points). The Tai Chi Chuan we will be examining is similar, but not identical to that of the Wu Jian-quan lineage. Levels: C, D

The Three Tan Tien: A Chi Kung Standing Form with Movement, Damaris Jarboux, R.N., C.H.T.P.
This day together will cover the theory of Jing, Chi, and Shen in a way that you can really understand how we acquire and why we cultivate these "Three Treasures" to develop our "Three Elixir Fields". Participants will get a good imprint (to practice later) of Qigong Standing Posture, internal form, which Damaris has developed over many years of training in Qigong. They will also learn the 3 simple practices used to gather energy from Nature into these 3 primary 'Energy Centers' (to cultivate Essence - Vitality - Spirit) until they are well embodied. These are also great practices to incorporate into Chi Kung clinical treatment. These 3 practices are from Chinese Medical Qigong Master Wan Su Jian who Damaris studied them with in 1993 and who is the destination of the Sept. 2001 NQA China Trip. Good hand-outs are included. All Levels

Whole Body Breathing for Health and Self Transformation, Dennis Lewis
According to Chuang Tzu, most people breathe with their throats, while real human beings breathe with their heels. Those of us who observe ourselves sincerely will admit that the movement of our breath is most often narrow and constricted, occurring mainly in our throats and upper chests. In this unparalleled workshop, you will learn the inner and outer principles of natural, whole-body breathing-the way we were designed to breathe. You will learn how to open up and activate all the breathing spaces of the body, from the feet to the head. Through simple but powerful breathing practices, along with qigong, meditation, and special postures and movements, you will learn how to integrate healthy, whole-body breathing into your everyday life to reduce your stress, increase your energy, promote health and healing, and support your quest for self-knowledge and self-transformation. All Levels

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