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Issue No. 15

12 June 2000
Published by Frances Ann McKenzie, Copyright (c) 2000, all rights reserved.
ISSN: 1529-9422

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In this issue:

Qigong/Kung Fu Summercamp 24 July - 4 August 2000 Clachtoll, Scotland

Save the date: World T'ai Chi and Qigong Day 7 April 2001

National Qigong Gathering 2000 August 18-21 in Portland, Oregon

Recent Scientific Publication on Qigong

Natural Healing Retreat July 29-30, 2000 in MacArthur, Ohio

Qigong/Kung Fu Summercamp
24 July - 4 August 2000
Clachtoll, Scotland

The camp is led by director Andreas Kuehne and head teacher Matthias George of the Thammavong Kung Fu/Qigong School in Neustrelitz, Germany. Topics include Thammavong and Chow Qigong exercises, standing and sitting meditation, inner nourishing Qigong, stick exercises, health preservation. The camp in Clachtoll is 5 miles NW of Lochinver in NW Scotland, north of Ullapool, near the ocean.

Cost: 220 pound sterling ($350 US) per person. Special children rate available. Includes lessons, meals and camp fees. For more information contact:

Thammavong Kung Fu/Qigong Schule
Andreas Kuehne
Am Heizkraftwerk 6
17235 Neustrelitz, Germany
Phone/Fax 0049 3981 444144

World T'ai Chi and Qigong Day will fall on 7 April 2001, 10:00 am worldwide. This is exactly the date of the United Nations World Health Day. Plan ahead for next year's event. Details are available online at http://www.worldtaichiday.org/

This year's National Qigong Gathering 2000 will be held August 18-21 at the Namaste Retreat Center, Portland, Oregon. NQA Conference fee $225.00 ($250.00 after July 15) covers Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday events. Additional fees $95.00 each for optional all-day workshops on Friday and Monday. Meal plans and lodging are available at the Namaste Retreat Center. Saturday evening features Karma Moffett's Tibetan Bell Experience, a program of music presented as a Wish-Bestowing Ceremony.

Just a few of the scheduled workshops include: keynote speakers Master Chunyi Lin and Gunther Weil, Ph.D., qigong massage, microcosmic orbit, soaring crane qigong, silk reeling, Kuan Yin qigong, taoist medical qigong, sexual alchemy qigong, overtone chanting, psychic intuitive qigong, and many more.

For details and to register, contact Rebecca at the NQA office 218-365-6330.

Kenneth M. Sancier, PhD, President, Qigong Institute

You may be interested in announcing a recent scientific publication on qigong:

"Therapeutic Benefits of Qigong Exercises in Combination with Drugs," by Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D., J Altern & Complementary Med:1999;5(4)383-389.

The article reviews clinical studies that report that a therapy of qigong and drugs is superior to drugs alone for several different illness, including hypertension, asthma, cancer, and drug addiction.

Natural Healing in Natural Beauty weekend retreat.
Instructor: Bob and Debra Weisenburger Lipetz
Location: Niches rustic retreat center in MacArthur, Ohio
Date: July 29-30, 2000
Cost: $125
Contact information:
Debra Weisenburger Lipetz
315 Garden Heights Ave.
Columbus, OH 43228-5309
Area code/telephone - 614-878-1759

Recognizing the power of nature to increase your natural healing, the retreat, set in the richly beautiful Niches, will provide advanced Chi Lel Qigong instruction combined with the facilitation of self discovery and growth through ritual and creative expression.

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