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Issue No. 11

31 May 1999
Published by Frances Ann McKenzie, Copyright (c) 1999, all rights reserved.
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In this issue:

Chi Nei Tsang Institute Summer Seminars in Canada.

Dorothy Ramien and Gilles Marin together bring with them over 25 years of experience in Chi Nei Tsang.

Please call Dorothy Ramien
Tel 613/256-4786
Fax 613/256-7132

We also offer ongoing classes for the various levels of Chi Nei Tsang. Please visit our sites for current information.

June 11-16 Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang June 16-21 The Global Body Attitude

Mansfield (1 hour North of the Toronto International Airport) Ontario. Cost is US$650.00 per 5-day segment which includes fees, room and board.

August 13-18 Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang August 18-23 The Art of Eating Well, Nourishing Ourselves with the Five Elements

Pembroke about 1-1/2 hour from the Ottawa International Airport. The cost is Can$700.00 per segment which includes fees & room & board.

Seminar Descriptions:

The students will learn about detoxifying sequence for their internal organs and powerful Earth Chi-Kung, Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile and Bone Breathing Nei-Kung.

Global Body Attitude
Students will learn about structural misalignments, prevent heart attacks, safely release gallstones, reverse hiatal hernias and more. You will also learn powerful Healing Hands and Space and Boundary Chi Kung.

The Art of Eating Well
Examining some food myths, learning to develop our own appetite, using the Five Elements to help us with tastes, colours, textures and learning to listen to our innate sense for balance.

Creating recipes to take home.
Using all these various tools in creating foods that sustain our sense, soul and body. Allowing us to create health, vitality, clear thinking, joy, enthusiasm, balance and sensitivity to have the life we want and that we are worthy of.

What is Chi Nei Tsang, Healing From Within?

Chi Nei Tsang is a wholistic approach to massage therapy of old Taoist Chinese origin: it integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself. CNT goes to the very origin of health problems, including psychosomatic responses.

Chi Nei Tsang literally means "Working the energy of the internal organs" or "Internal organs chi transformation". It uses all the principles of Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi-Chuan known as Chi-Kung. CNT is a form of "Applied Chi-Kung".

CNT practitioners are trained in Chi-Kung and work mainly on the abdomen with deep, soft and gentle touch, to train internal organs to work more efficiently and also address unprocessed emotional charges. All of the body systems are addressed: digestion, respiration, lymph, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, skeleto-muscular and the acupuncture energy system (Chi).

CNT was generated some immemorial times ago in the mountain ranges of Taoist China. It was used by monks in monasteries to help detoxify, strengthen and refine their bodies in order to carry the high energy required to perform the highest levels of spiritual practices.

Today CNT is mainly used for four different reasons:

1 - CNT detoxifies: CNT manipulations help clients relieve their body of excess stagnation. It improves elimination and stimulates the lymphatic and the circulatory system. It also strengthens their immune system and resistance to diseases. By doing so it helps other health care modalities to achieve optimal results (clients using it before and after surgery recover better and faster).

2 - CNT helps restructures and strengthens the body: By working on the visceral structures and positioning of internal organs CNT stimulates them into working better and also helps correct the postural problems resulting from visceral imbalances. It releases deep seated tensions and restores vitality. CNT has been helpful against chronic pains such as back, neck and shoulder pains and problems related to misalignment of the feet, legs and pelvis.

3 - CNT helps practitioners to deal better with their emotional life: All of our non processed emotional life is stored in our digestive system waiting to be addressed. Poor emotional digestion is also one of the main reasons for ill health. CNT allows the process of emotional life to unfold and clarify. This makes it possible for individuals to evolve and grow in the direction of their better self. CNT has also been successfully used in combination with psychotherapy.

4 - CNT teaches clients to know themselves better: At the CNT Institute we believe that everyone is responsible for one's own health and that healing comes from within. Clients are taught techniques to improve their breathing, fundamental self-help massage techniques and receive guidance in personalizing their diet and other health related life style matters. Specific and relevant visualization and meditation practices are also used to further enhance the effect of manual treatments.

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