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Issue No. 10

31 May 1999
Published by Frances Ann McKenzie, Copyright (c) 1999, all rights reserved.
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Herbal Medicine and Nutrition added to Tai Chi based Qigong Program in Burlingame, California

Tibetan Formulas herbs available from the Himalayas.

Chinese Healing Arts Center Qi Healing Courses with Master T.K. Shih July 1999 Kingston, New York

A Taste of China June 30-July 4, 1999 Winchester, Virginia

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Professor Basilio Chen has incorporated a component for Herbal Medicine and Nutrition to boost Qi and Yin essence along with the Tai Chi based Qigong program in Daly City, California. The Program is in its 8th year. Traditional values are retained yet presented in today's terminology so lay people can learn, understand and practice easily.

For more information, please contact:
Prof. Basilio Chen H.
The Traditional Tai Chi Chuan Organizations of Americas
875 Cowan Rd.
Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 697-3861

Tibetan Formulas herbal/medical teas are based on ancient traditional Tibetan medical formulas using herbs wild harvested in the Himalayas.

Tibetan Formulas had its beginnings in 1996 when Joseph Chinnock interviewed over twenty-five traditional Tibetan herbalists throughout the Himalayas. The consensus among the traditional doctors was the best way to preserve Tibetan Medicine was to introduce it to the US, educate people in its value and use and bring resources back to the Himalayan communities to establish small mentorship programs for the older herbalists to pass on their knowledge to a young man or woman.

Tibetan Formulas was created to educate people in the West about Tibetan Medicine through a product line of tasty, herbal teas based on ancient Tibetan herbal formulas. Drinking these teas and learning a little about Tibetan Medicine will help keep this healing tradition alive.

Tibetan Formulas donates 5% of its after tax profits to organizations working to keep Tibetan Medicine a living tradition.

Tibetan Formulas
Joseph Chinnock, Managing Director

Chinese Healing Arts Center
Qi Healing Courses with Master T.K. Shih Kingston NY
For more information contact:
Melanie Shih
Tel/Fax (914) 687-0988

6-Day Qi Healer's Intensive Level 1 July 3-8, 1999 Tuition: $1,200 Guaranteed to become a successful Qi Healer. Learn very special ancient methods, meditation, movement and powerful energy transmission from Master Shih to gather energy from the universe and use it for healing.

Qigong Therapist Training Course July 10-17, 1999 Tuition: $1,500 Learn the basics of traditional Chinese medical theory including yin/yang, five elements, meridians and very special acupressure points. Special Qigong techniques for self-practice open the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits and every meridian within the body. Learn specific Qigong techniques to help cure numerous health problems.

A Taste of China Events June 30-July 4, 1999
"Taijiquan: The Mind-Body Connection"

Faculty is composed of master teachers Wang Ju-rong, Wu Cheng-de, Daniel Lee, William C. C. Chen, Liang Shou-yu, He Wei-qi, Yang Jwing-ming, and Huang Wei-lun.

For information and registration (including details on the USA All-Taijiquan Championships July 3-4, 1999) contact:
Pat Rice, Director
A Taste of China
111 Shirley St.
Winchester, VA 22601
Phone/Fax (540) 667-7595

Call for special Taste of China rates:
Best Western Lee-Jackson Motel
711 Millwood Pike
Winchester VA 22601
(540) 662-4154


Passkey Package All Events $495 (paid in full before June 13), $595 regular rate. (Lodging is not included.) Per day and per seminar rates are also available.

Tuesday June 29, 1999

1:00 pm registration opens.

1:30-5:00 pm Teachers' Exchange and Open House: Taiji is the Teacher

7:15-9:30 pm Open Forum: Is Taiji Becoming a Lost Art?

Wednesday June 30, 1999

9:00-11:30 am Taiji Applications and Take-Down Form: Liang Shou-yu

1:30-3:15 pm Framing Breathwork: Sam Masich

1:30-3:15 pm Teaching the Mind-Body Connection: Grace Wu

3:30-5:15 pm Centering Mind and Body: Living Taiji Every Day: Dr. John Painter

7:15-9:30 pm The Yi and the Body Response: Dr. Daniel Lee

7:15-9:30 pm Poetry in Motion: Taiji Straight Sword: Nick Gracenin

Thursday July 1, 1999

9:00-11:30 am Xingyiquan's Five Elements: Liang Shou-yu

9:00-11:30 am Inner Structure and Feelings: Huang, Wei-lun

1:30-3:15 pm Rooting the Emotional Body: Push-Hands Energy Training: Jeff Bolt

1:30-3:15 pm Movement and Metaphor: Kathy Gracenin

3:30-5:15 pm Using "Yi-Quan" for Self-Healing: Jane Hallander

3:30-5:15 pm Effortless Power for Push-Hands: Elaine Waters

7:15-9:30 pm Mind-Body Skill and Taiji Power: Huang, Wei-lun

7:15-9:30 pm Taiji Qigong: He Wei-qi

Friday July 2, 1999

9:00-11:30 am What is Taiji? Yang Jwing-ming

1:30-3:15 pm Sun Style Taiji in 38 Postures: Peter Warr

1:30-3:15 pm Taiji Qigong: He Wei-qi

3:30-5:15 pm Taiji Fan: Helen Wu

3:30-5:15 pm The Push-Hands Mind-Body Connection: Chris Luth

7:00-9:00 pm Eight Method Application: A Two Person Taiji Set: Madame Wang Ju-rong and Dr. Wu Cheng-de.

7:00-9:00 pm In Love With the Form: William C. C. Chen

Saturday-Sunday July 3-4, 1999
U.S.A. All-Taijiquan Championships

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