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Issue No. 9

2 May 1999
Published by Frances Ann McKenzie, Copyright (c) 1999, all rights reserved.
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This issue is dedicated to Master Jou Tsung-Hwa, the late founder of Tai Chi Farm.


The first time I met Master Jou was at Tai Chi Farm in June 1997 at the Zhang San Feng Festival. A few weeks later in July I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Master Jou at Taste of China in Winchester, Virginia. It was quite an experience to meet him along with a small cadre of taijiquan enthusiasts in the early morning motel parking lot to practice standing meditation. It was tough, but a little smile on my face helped pass the time.

I later purchased Master Jou's books and spent many happy hours getting to know him through his printed words. I was most impressed by his willingness to explore taijiquan on his own. Lacking a teacher, he forged ahead experimenting to discover the universal secrets that are available to all who persevere in their search.

In his untimely passing it is comforting to remember his special energy resides in all who met him, practiced with him and were touched by his inspiring nature.


1999 may be the last year events will be held at Tai Chi Farm's Warwick NY location since Tai Chi Foundation which is run by Master Jou's family members has decided to sell the property. Tai Chi Farm events will take place at the farm this summer. Please check the schedule included in this letter.

Tai Chi Foundation, c/o L. Jou
7199 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 109-225
Scottsdale AZ 85254
FAX 602-609-8663
Email: amtellj@aol.com

To handle advocacy of Master Jou's teachings and management of Tai Chi Farm events a new foundation has been formed:
Master Jou Tsung Hwa's Tai Chi Farm Foundation, Inc.

For detailed information about all 1999 summer events send 2 stamps along with your name and address to:
Master Jou Tsung Hwa's Tai Chi Farm Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 630
New Milford NY 10959
(914) 986-9233
Tai Chi Farm Email: tcf@warwick.net

Attend the 27th Annual Zhang San Feng Festival at Tai Chi Farm in Warwick, New York. One mile north of New Jersey border on Route 94.
June 4-6, 1999 Friday-Sunday

Program includes t'ai chi, push hands, bagua, qigong, meditation workshops and demonstrations by visiting masters. Enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones.

On site registration $100 per person for all events.

Single day rate $60 Saturday, $40 Sunday. Discounts for early registration.

Friday June 4
3-5 pm Group practice, sharing and setup
5-7 pm Registration and check in
7 pm Opening Ceremonies

Saturday June 5
8-9 am Morning practice
9:15 am Workshops begin
5-7 pm Dinner
7-8 pm Meditation

Sunday June 6
8-9 am Morning practice
9:15 Workshops begin
12:30-3:30 Parade, closing ceremonies, friendship demonstrations


General information:
Weekend workshop fee: $100 ($85 early registration)
Five-day workshop fee: $200 ($180 early registration)

June 7-11
Jiulong Baguazhang Gathering of the Circle: John Painter

June 12-13
Mulan Single Fan Dance: Zhao-Lan Zhou

June 12-13
Reiki I: Elisa DeStefano ($150)

June 19-20
Taiji 2-foot Dual Sticks: Christopher M. Viggiano

June 26
Taiji and the Enneagram as a Process for Psychological Spiritual Growth: Joseph M. Pirone

June 26-27
Bamboo Flute Making and Playing: Kali Fasteau ($30 materials deposit)

July 6-10
Five Animal Play and Yiquan: B.P. Chan

July 10-11
Basic Baguazhang and Xingyiquan and Applications: Jiang Jianye

July 12-16
Traditional Yang Long Form: Richard Greene

July 17-18
The Inner Structure of Taijiquan: Christopher M. Viggiano

July 24-25
Chansijing - Tune Up Your Body: Bruce LaCarubba, Jennifer Steffener and Sharon Rose

July 28-Aug. 1
Traditional Chen First Routine: Bob Arietta and Mike Goldstein

July 31-Aug. 1
Exploring the Voice: Kali Fasteau

Aug. 3-7
Baguazhang/Taiji Ruler: B.P. Chan

Aug. 7-8
Chen Style Short Form and Applications: Jose Figueroa

Aug. 7-8
Qigong as a Path through Your Emotional Blocks to Your Higher Creative Self: Ronald Rebhuhn

Aug. 9-13
Yang Broadsword and Push-Hands: Richard Greene

Aug. 14-15
The Five Animal Frolics of Hua T'o: Larry Ira Landau

Aug. 14-15
Mulan Double Fan Dance: Zhao-Lan Zhou

Aug. 21-22
Traditional Chen Style Taiji - Internal Power, Qigong Baguazhang Push-Hands: Jiang Jianye

Aug. 21-24
San Shou - 2 Person Sparring Set: Jay Dunbar and Kathleen Cusick

Aug. 25-29
Introduction to Daoist Meditation: Bob Arietta and Mike Goldstein

Aug. 28
Introduction to the Bach Flower Essences: Elisa DeStefano ($50)

Sept. 1-5
Pao Chui - Traditional Chen Second Routine: Sharon Rose and Jennifer Steffener

Sept. 4-5
The ABC's of Push Hands and Da Lu: Richard Greene

Sept. 7-11
Xingyiquan: B.P. Chan

Sept. 11-12
Reiki I: Francesca Sergi ($150)

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