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Issue No. 5

7 April 1999
Published by Frances Ann McKenzie, Copyright (c) 1999, all rights reserved.
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In this issue:

Qigong Documentary coming to PBS
Qigong Study Trip to China Aug.-Sept. 1999
Master Chen Qing Zhou in the U.S. April-July 1999
Master Wei Lun Huang in Boston, Mass. June 11, 1999
Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung-Fu Workshops, Rainbow, CA

The new documentary "Qigong-Essence of the Healing Dance" produced by Garri Garripoli will be delivered to 204 PBS stations in July 1999. Each city can begin to show the program soon thereafter. Please call your local station to request the program so that they exercise their option to air the documentary!

Mr. Garripoli is also working on a program to create a free public showing of a truncated version of the show in conjunction with PBS station affiliates to help raise awareness of the show and of Public Television. This will help the stations in their community outreach and raise the consciousness of Qigong and alternative healing modalities.

Qigong Study Trip to China

Instructor: Garri Garripoli
Date: August 25 - September 5 (approximately)
Cost: to be finalized
Organizer: Wuji Productions Inc.
Contact: http://www.WujiProductions.com/ for more information

This will be a small group Qigong study tour lead by Garri Garripoli, long-time Qigong practitioner and producer/director of the upcoming PBS documentary "Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century" scheduled to begin airing in July. He is also the author of "Qigong - Essence of the Healing Dance" and is taking this tour to train with and be treated by several of his Qigong Masters in China.

Master Chen Qing Zhou, will be in the United States for a 3 month visit, from April 1 to July 1, 1999, sponsored by the National Neigong Research Society, NNRS.

A series of Chen Style Taijiquan seminars and workshops are planned.

Please check the following web pages for updated news.

Boston Healing Tao presents Master Wei Lun Huang June 11, 1999 for two Chi Kung Workshops.

3pm-5:30pm Ba Gua Chi Kung
7pm-9:30pm Rainy Day Tai Chi

For more information contact Marie Favorito Director of the Boston Healing Tao at mcftao@aol.com or 617-628-6570.

Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung-Fu
1999 Workshops with Sifu James McNeil
1257 Rainbow Valley Blvd.
Rainbow CA 92028
Tel: (760) 731-1416
Fax: (760) 728-3792

May 28-30, 1999 Taoist Meditation Weekend Retreat: $150

June 5, 1999 Taoist Lovemaking (no nudity): $125

December 10-12, 1999 Taoist Meditation Weekend Retreat: $150

Contact the school for further information on other internal arts programs which include: Chen style tai-chi, Chinese weaponry, Hsing-I, Splashing Hands, Iron Hand, Shih-Shui, Chinese Herbs, Pa-Kua, Acupressure, Tui-Na.

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